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Empowering Students, Embracing Community

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Wednesday, February 17th, 2016
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The goal of the Academy is to help students explore the importance of life long fitness and empower them to actively pursue a life-style of positive, personal wellness. By exposing them to a wide range of recreational activities in their own community and regularly scheduled information seminars at school, students are afforded many opportunities to grow in all dimensions: gaining nutritional awareness, knowledge of functional fitness and the importance of a balanced lifestyle in order to achieve optimal health.

The 3 day program is open to all student athletes in grades 4 & 5.
The 4 day program is open to all student athletes in grades 6 - 9.

The entire education model of each student athlete encompasses the academic portion of International Baccalaureate infused curricular instruction (core subjects) and academy instruction encompassing a wide variety of unique daily physical activities. Together they promote 21st century Learning through the promotion of critical thinking and engaged learning through experiencing the world around them.

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Bailey Mckeenan dyes & cuts hair to promote Breast Cancer Awareness

McKenna Bubar supports the  Valentines Hair Massacure for Breast Cancer

REC donates over 125 boxes!

REC donates over 125 boxes!

Operation Christmas Child
REC participates in Operation Christmas Child

REC participates in Operation Christmas Child

St. Edmund Rec Supports Movember

Help us Promote Men's Health
and Prostate Cancer Awareness

Sign of Hope

REC Supports Sign of Hope Campaign

St. Edmund 2015-2016 Timeline

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Sr Bball - Alessia Acoin

Sr Bball - Kayla Gosset

Sr Bball - Avrianna Hebert

Sr Bball - Laura Bodnarek

Sr Bball - Jenna Kaminski

Sr Bball - Melissa Mantella

Sr Bball - Katrina Panchyshyn

Sr Bball - Megan Walsh

Grp 1 - Nicholas Harrison

Grp 2 - Mikayla Williams

Grp 3 - Sean Hawkswell

Grp 5 - Kaila Gosset

Grp 4 - Megan Walsh

Grp 1 - Alexa Grebenstein

Grp 2 - Paul Hayduk

Grp 3 - Madison Farias

Grp 5 - Katrina Panchyshyn

Grp 4 - Mikaela Erwin

Michelle Bodnarek - Team Alberta

Rory Sharon - FX Lacrosse, Football & Rugby

Quinton Lam - O'Leary Swim Team
Multi-medalist & MIP

Leah Piekema - MacDonald Vball

Lindsay Lamiman - NAHA

Quinn Peterson - Team Alberta 2012

Mitch Rando - O'Leary Vball Team

Julien McFadden
O'Leary Sr Football 2011

Michelle Bodnarek
MAC A of Yr

Austin Mahood &
Connor Mclean
O'Leary Football

River Vally Programs
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